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The Pulse within the Impulse | Mr.Dhruv Verma | TEDxLucknowLive

Dhruv shares with us his entrepreneurial journey. A journey with immense challenges both personal and professional that he had to overcome before success could be relished. He urges us to be fearless in the face of failure and to move forward with conviction till the goal is accomplished.
A passionate start-up enthusiast, Dhruv is known for his Golf entrepreneurial stint “GolfLan” and his ultra-modernistic approach towards solving critical customer problems. His contagious pro-active & growth focused approach towards consumer engagement has made him diversify his golfing business into a platform that offers holistic benefits to a larger set of audience. The diversified entity is “Thriwe – A Leading Loyalty & Benefits Platform” with interests in segments ranging from Golf & Sports to Lifestyle & Wellness, Travel, Dining & Retail to bespoke solutions.

Dhruv has a rich experience in the space of customer acquisition and strategic partnerships. Prior to his entrepreneurial…

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