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Social Media Would Be Better If It Wasn’t So Political

Social media used to be a platform where users “exposed” personal details. Some believed it necessary to share the small things of their daily lives. They could be called “the good times” when compared to the evolution of social media.

Today, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become echo chambers for espousing political views – and where there is all too often an absence of civility for those with differing opinions.

Craig Barkacs (professor of business law in the Master in Executive Leadership Programs and MBA Programs at Knauss School of Business, University of San Diego) said, “On the subject of politics, the social media is where civility & decorum go to the death.”

The problem is partly due to our ingrained tendency to share too much on social media. This sharing only has recently moved to politics. Furthermore, these platforms promote this kind of interaction.

It’s anonymous. So why not share any thoughts that come to your mind? James Bailey from the George Washington University School of Business, said that it feels therapeutic.

Social media can be seen as a digital copy of “soap box” pundits who first appeared in 1870s London at Speakers Corner. There, many would meet to discuss politics and religion.

“The Unhinged Preached…

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