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Shifting Gears | Madhish Parikh | TEDxGCET

Shifting gears, an idea and action that is met with tonnes of contemplation, criticism, and a spiral that’s spun in our heads with thoughts of what can go wrong. However, there’s plenty that can go right, and the spiral can untangle into a chain of actions that make a difference; if only one gathers the courage to take a step to an alternate journey.

From being just another schoolboy to this transformation, it was never easy. It took him enough courage, tough calls, and passion to do what he does today. Setting an example and presenting a thought-provoking talk on ‘Shifting Gears’, Mr. Madhish Parikh encouraged many to take action and serve the society and nation and perhaps the human community as a whole. Mr. Madhish Parikh is the founder of Elixir Foundation, an organization co-founded by the President Award Winners of the Government of India which actively engages the youth in nation-development programs.

He was brought up in Ahmedabad and is an active Youth Leader associated…

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