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Self-Belief Can Change Your Life | Chandni Kapadia | TEDxManSagarLake

Chandni speaks about her journey to success. Her life alone at New York, her challenges abroad – in US and in UK and her life in India. All of them were different and came with new obstacles, learnings and experiences but one thing was constant – her willpower to fight whatever came her way, her belief in herself that she can make it given any situation. She credits her father and her team for the times she needed support. She leaves an impactful message of staying humble and confident and most of all never losing that belief and faith in oneself.
Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS University, is a multiskilled entrepreneur, a lawyer, a brand consultant and a designer. She studied Fashion Merchandising from FIT, New York and MBA from London School of Economics.
Her strong foresightedness and perseverance to keep moving forward come whatsoever, has led her to handle leadership roles as the Country and Asia Pacific head for various luxury brands like Calvin Klein,…

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