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The Value of Bad Reviews

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This is crazy. 

Is there value in “bad reviews?” This is a very good question. Negative reviews have a negative impact on your business. 

So why would anyone want bad reviews? 

As you’ll soon see, negative reviews are an indispensable part of the reputation management process. Sophisticated sellers pursue both positive and negative reviews. Inexperienced sellers focus exclusively on positive reviews. 

Let’s take a closer look at these bad reviews. 

The unexpected value of bad reviews

Value? What value?

If we look at the research, we see that there are a lot of unpleasant consequences that come with negative reviews. 

Here’s an example.

According to Inc. magazine, “it takes roughly 40 positive customer experiences to undo the damage of a single negative review.”

Well that’s horrible. 

There’s not much upside until we see this. 82% of customers seek out negative reviews

Still no upside there…

Actually it is. You know most of your customers are going to look for dirt on you. 

This is great news. 

Your customer’s default is distrust. As a general rule, your customers have two mindsets. Optimism or pessimism. Optimists are easy to sell to, but harder to keep. Pessimists, on the other hand, are harder to sell to, but easier to keep.

The data backs this up. 

A meta-analysis by Bart S. Vanneste et al. proves the point. Here’s what these researchers found.

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    By: Andrew McDermott


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