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Reputation Management for Businesses: How to Present Your Business Online

In 2023, your business’s reputation is synonymous with your business’s online reputation. Nearly 80% of interactions with businesses new to consumers begin online, so how you present yourself online, and how others talk about you, matters.

While you can’t control what others say about your business, managing your online reputation can give you a greater say in the overall narrative, as well as safeguard your reputation in the wake of a PR crisis.

In this article, I will define reputation management, what makes an effective reputation management strategy, why reputation management for businesses matters, and what you can do to best present your business online.

What is reputation management? 

Reputation management, or online reputation management (ORM), refers to the combination of strategies a business implements to impact and improve its online narrative, or the overall perception of the business. 

An effective online reputation management strategy aims to ensure that:

  • your business is findable in search engines
  • the results for branded keywords (usually your business name) are representative of your brand and positive in nature
  • negative results about your business (such as reviews, social media comments, or news articles) do not rank prominently for branded keywords.

Generally, an ORM strategy consists of building and maintaining a strong online presence for your business online, as well as putting a plan in place to respond to negative coverage. This includes…

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By: Kate Coleman


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