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Online Reputation Repair: How to Recover

When it comes to receiving negative feedback online, it is not an issue of if, but when. But not all hits to your reputation are created equal. Sometimes, an unfavorable news cycle or a flurry of bad reviews can dominate your search results, leaving a lasting impression on your customers, employees, and stakeholders – in these moments, you may need online reputation repair.

The impact of negative results online is significant. Four or more negative results on page one of Google search results can lead to a loss of up to 70% of prospective customers, but even one negative article can lead to you losing up to 22%. Unfortunately, this isn’t all that surprising, as the effect of negative news on your reputation can be up to three times larger than the effect of positive news. When it comes to reviews, nearly 80% of consumers report trusting reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family, and only 48% of consumers report frequenting businesses with fewer than 4 stars. 

If a negative news cycle or customer feedback defines your reputation, your business will suffer. 90% of consumers report not frequenting a business with a bad reputation, and 87% of customers report that they will reverse a purchase decision after reading negative news or reviews about a brand, business, or product online.

This may sound scary, and it can be – the importance of a good reputation cannot be overstated. If you find yourself or your business experiencing a reputation crisis, there…

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By: Kate Coleman


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