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How to Respond: Social Media, Reviews, and Negative News

People will always have something to say about your business, particularly online. In 2022, what people say about you online can have a tangible impact on your reputation and, as a result, the success of your business. 

But it’s not just about what people are saying. While you can’t control what everyone says about you online, you can control how you respond.

Here, we’ll take a look at the different channels that customers use to provide feedback on your business, the impact of negative reviews, news, and comments – as well as bad responses – and how to respond effectively to keep your online reputation strong and even improve it in the face of negative feedback.

Where do customers leave feedback online? 

Anywhere someone can publish or post online, there is the potential for feedback. Even if you provide an opportunity on your website for customers to leave feedback, it is likely that many customers will utilize other channels, such as social media and review platforms.

Social Media

With over 4.7 billion people on social media worldwide – 59% of the population! – hot takes and debates are sure to make an appearance. Social media not only provides a platform for its users but a direct line of communication to public figures and businesses, creating a prime opportunity for people to voice their opinions. 

More consumers are also turning to social media for customer service help and inquiries, which means businesses must not only be aware of what is being said on…

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By: Kate Coleman


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