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How Review Management Can Grow Your Agency

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Want to grow your agency? Review management is key.

A lot has changed in the business landscape these last few years — and it’s probably impacted your marketing agency’s growth strategy. Going after new clients in high-demand industries or niches you hadn’t considered before is one way to stay competitive. But just as important is how you approach the services your clients need.

86% of digital marketing agencies added at least one new service offering in 2021. That same year, 95% of agencies met their revenue goals and 54% saw year-over-year growth.

No matter who you’re trying to reach, your growth strategy needs to be as cost-effective as possible. Capitalizing on quick, simple wins is a great way for your agency to stay on a growth path without bleeding money. 

One quick win is online review management — a service that nearly all your local business clients can benefit from. If you’ve attempted review management in the past, it may not have been as easy, efficient, or profitable as you would’ve liked. However, with today’s automated technology, white-label options, and reporting capabilities, review management has renewed potential to become a powerful revenue generator for your agency.

2 Ways to Sell Review Management and Grow Your Agency

Offering review management services is a win-win for your agency and your clients. Customer…

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By: Brooke Patton


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