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7 Ways to Increase Revenue Using Online Reviews

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Reviews generate revenue. 

That’s the story, right? We know negative reviews can destroy a business, but what about the opposite end of things? 

Can reviews really generate revenue for your business? 

Or is it the kind of thing where marketers say that then they use analytics to justify their claim afterward? As you’ll soon see, there are simple strategies and tactics that, when used well, produce cash flow for your business.

Why your reviews should produce revenue

What does your business need? 

This sounds like an obvious question, and it is. But it’s not so obvious when it’s time to connect these obvious needs to your reviews. Let’s take a look at the things businesses need first; then, we’ll take a look at how online reviews can contribute to these needs. 

  1. Traffic: A steady supply of prospects from a variety of sales channels.  
  2. Customers: These are buyers who are willing and able to buy your products and services.
  3. Cash flow: The revenue coming in to (and out of) your company.  
  4. Profit: The revenue left after expenses, taxes, insurance, etc. 
  5. Growth: An increase in top-line or bottom-line growth over a set period (e.g., year-over-year). 

Obvious, right? 

If you’re in business, you already know you need this. What you may not know is how online reviews can increase growth in each of these five categories. 

So let’s break it down. 


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By: Andrew McDermott


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