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3 Easy Steps to Get More Reviews For Your Clients

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Successful marketing agencies know the key to building trust with clients is owning what customers say about a business online – that starts with reviews. But 39% of review writers have not received a direct request to leave a review in the past 5 years, however, if asked, more than half of customers will always or usually write a review. 

To get more reviews for your clients, you have to start with a “review funnel.” The review funnel anticipates what will motivate customers to write a review, and funnels them from their experience of the product or service to completing the review process.

A review funnel strategy can use multiple tactics, channels, and assets (human, print, email, web, mobile, etc.), but the formula is simple. Happy customers who intend to write a review still won’t do it if they forget, it’s too hard, or they’re too busy. So the task of any review funnel is threefold: 

  1. Remind each customer to write a review 
  2. Make the process quick and easy
  3. Target them during their downtime

1. Get Customers Into the Funnel

As we’ve seen, a customer’s motivation to write a review is typically weak. Unless they’re a “superuser” or just had an awful experience, they’re not likely to even think of writing a review. Not to worry, though. You can help. Here’s how:

  • Invite customers to give feedback: If you collect your client’s…

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By: Brooke Patton


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