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Practicing Safe Parasocializing | Sarah Schreck | TEDxPointParkUniversity

The significance of parasocial relationships, that is, one-sided relationships with celebrities or fictional characters, saw a great uptick during the isolating days of the pandemic. As we reset, we may find that the lives of others have become more important to us than ever. While the merits of these relationships are disputed, there are a few ways we can adapt how we engage with our podcast, YouTube, or Instagram pseudo-friends to keep the non-conversation productive and healthy. Sarah Schreck is a marketing, design, and multimedia professional with a passion for storytelling – and a tendency to be “chronically online.” She holds degrees in advertising, public relations, playwriting, and has a pandemic-fortified master’s degree in Arts Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, which all guide her enthusiasm for increased understanding. This eagerness led her to recreationally study Bowen Family Systems Theory and otherwise explore how we relate to the people and media…

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