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The Role of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare is big and regulated. Data breaches can result in fines for healthcare organizations under US and EU privacy and security laws. Healthcare organizations are considering blockchain to secure data due to the value of healthcare data and other international laws governing cloud data storage. Blockchain may help organizations securely share healthcare data while protecting patient privacy.

This Health Information Management Working Group study examines medical blockchain use cases and their effects. Blockchain technology is explained before discussing its uses in healthcare, such as telehealth system security. After several case studies, this document discusses future healthcare applications of blockchain technology.

The Need for Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare development is accelerated. Quality health facilities with cutting-edge technology are needed today. Blockchain would revolutionize healthcare here. The health system is also moving towards a patient-centered approach prioritizing accessible services and adequate healthcare resources. Blockchain improves healthcare organizations’ patient care and facilities. This technology streamlines Health Information Exchange, another time-consuming and repetitive process that drives up health industry costs. Blockchain lets citizens participate in health studies. Better public well-being research and shared data will improve community treatment. A central database manages healthcare organizations.

Data protection,…

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By: Jane Austin


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