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10 UI/UX Principles to Enhance Your Healthcare Website Experience

Is your website easy to use? Is it intuitive? 

Is it pleasant to interact with while also effectively delivering the information your consumers need?

A successful website employs key UI/UX principles beyond beautiful pages. 

UI/UX ensures your website is 

  • Accessible, 
  • Intuitive
  • Consumer-focused, and
  • Trustworthy

In this post, I’ll cover 10 UI/UX design basics that can positively impact your healthcare business. 

But first…

In healthcare, UI/UX principles can apply to various software, products, and services, from electronic health records to appointment scheduling apps. However, this post will focus on UI/UX design for websites.

What is UI/UX design in healthcare?

UI and UX are two different concepts that go hand in hand in website design. 

Here’s a breakdown of each:

User Experience (UX) design

UX refers to the user’s interaction with a product, including how they feel about it. Good UX makes people look forward to using your website, reinforces your competence, and improves user satisfaction. It helps determine how users get from point A to point Z.

User Interface (UI) design

On the other hand, best practices for user interface design refer to the structural components of the navigation, the buttons, the colors, and the type.

Why and How UI/UX Best Practices Work Together

It’s hard to have one without the other. UX organizes the site information and establishes how the site is navigated. At the same…

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By: Stewart Gandolf


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