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Should I Quit This Workplace Conflict? How to Know When It’s Time to Leave

How to Know If You Should Stay or Go

One of the heartbreaking findings in the World Workplace Conflict and Collaboration Survey was the number of people who said if they were faced with this workplace conflict again, they would quit, or quit sooner. Or as one guy from Denmark warned, “If you meet a psychopath at work, run!”

If you’ve been following our recent research and writing, you know we’re working on a book to empower you to deal with conflicts better and faster (Harper Collins, Spring 2024).  We hope to significantly expand your range of choices beyond “just quit.”

And, we’re not naïve. There are some situations you can’t save and some people who won’t engage, even with a well-spoken powerful phrase. Sometimes “quitting” the situation, the person, or even the job, is the best choice.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re on the Fence about Quitting a Workplace Conflict

How do you know if you should walk away from a conflict at work? Or even quit your job? Here are a few powerful questions to help you decide.

1. Have I tried?

This question is deceptively simple. It is so easy to get fired up, have an imaginary conversation in your mind, get frustrated, and dismiss the other person as toxic, hopeless, and not worth your time. But in all that thinking and stewing, you never actually had a conversation.

When you make a genuine effort to address a workplace conflict, you always come out ahead. Either the situation improves (that’s a clear win) or…

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By: Karin Hurt


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