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Leadership Perspective from Desert Island Donkeys

“There’s nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” – Arthur Conan Doyle. Leadership perspective creates different kinds of creative solutions that make far more sense and have more support than the limited but obvious approach you might have started with. Many times, particularly as a leader, a tough question is way more important than having an easy answer, and a discussion is more valuable than the dictate. Can you identify the issues that are obvious to everyone and find value in the different perspectives?

Leadership Perspective from Desert Island Donkeys


As we’re talking about obvious facts, getting into leadership perspective, curiosity and how obvious facts can hamstring us as leaders. That’s where we’re going today. But before we do, wanted to let you know that Karin and I are hard at work on our next book. It’s coming out next year, so a little under a year from when you’re listening to this in real time.  It’s about workplace conflict and all about powerful phrases that you can use to deal with workplace conflict. This is the kind of resource that you can use yourself, that you can certainly give to all of your team and all of the human-centered leadership approaches that you’re so accustomed to on the show will be talking about in terms of how you can do those as team members and have those kinds of conversations with one another and not from an assumption that conflict is bad or negative.


Conflict can be very helpful. Effective teams and good…

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By: David Dye


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