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513 | Cultivation, P3: Creating Your Leadership Dream Team

This week, we’ll conclude our three part series called Cultivation. 

What are we cultivating? We’re cultivating leaders! And as we’ve seen, this is labor intensive, highly strategic, but also incredibly rewarding. 

In fact, leaders that we’ve seen get to this third phase of leadership are some of the happiest and most fulfilled that we know. Today, I want to share an inside secret as to why that is.

Maybe you’ve finally got your team members being successful in their roles. Fantastic! And, you’ve been creating new leaders from those successful members… awesome!

So, what’s next? Where’s all this going? Are we just making leaders in order to make leaders?

Leaders create the culture, and culture creates the company.
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Well, here are two “rules” of leadership that will help bring all of this into better focus.

Rule #1: Good leaders create culture. 

This is part of a good leader’s DNA, they create the culture of the business. They don’t allow culture to become whatever it wants to, they take careful action to get the culture they want.

Rule #2: Culture creates the company.

Why is culture so important? Because as the culture goes, so goes the company. Believe it or not, culture is one of the most valuable assets that your company has. Out of it can come really awesome, or really horrible things! Just like tending a garden, we’ve got to keep the weeds out!

Let me spin all that around. You don’t like the company that you’ve got…

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By: Chris Locurto


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