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“The Importance of the Collaboration between LinkedIn and AI”

LinkedIn and AI Team Up to Enhance the Job Search Experience

LinkedIn is partnering with Acuity, an AI-based company, to enhance their job-search experience. Members looking for a new job will be able to customize their job listings and recommendations with the use of AI technology.

This collaboration will take LinkedIn’s personalized job search ability to the next level. Acuity’s AI technology will analyze the job-seeker’s profile and find opportunities that match their skills and interests. Initially, it will be rolled out in the US, but LinkedIn plans to expand it across the globe. Additionally, LinkedIn is making this feature available to companies looking for talent. This is beneficial as it will help companies find qualified candidates that align with their needs.

The combination of LinkedIn and AI technology through Acuity’s platform bodes well for job-seekers, as well as employers. It is expected that this partnership will create a shift in the industry towards a more personalized job search experience. Utilizing data-driven insights makes finding a job or a candidate more efficient and effective. Companies will also benefit with this technology as it saves time and effort often required in the hiring process.


LinkedIn has partnered with AI-based company Acuity to use AI technology for job seekers to expand their personalized job search options. Acuity’s technology will analyze user profiles and find opportunities that align with their skills and interests. This feature will be rolled out initially in the US but is expected to expand globally soon. Additionally, LinkedIn is also opening up this feature to companies looking for new talent to find qualified candidates that align with their needs.


  1. What is LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professionals and the business community. It offers networking opportunities and allows job-seekers and employers to connect and engage with each other.
  2. What is Acuity?

    Acuity is an AI-based company specializing in career management and job matching, providing HR technology such as personalized employee development and team collaboration tools.
  3. When will the job-seeker AI technology be rolled out globally?

    The job-seeker AI technology will be rolled out initially in the US. There is no official information on when the technology will be rolled out globally, but it is expected to happen soon.
  4. How will this partnership benefit companies?

    The LinkedIn and Acuity partnership will benefit companies by providing them with a more efficient and effective hiring process. Utilizing AI technology saves time and effort often required in the hiring process, and it can help find the best candidates for the given job positions quickly.

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