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NEW Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2022 (SECRET)

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If your social media marketing strategy isn’t working as well as you want right now I’ve got good news, it’s not your fault.

It’s just that there have been a lot of changes recently and much of the advice that’s being passed around about how to grow your audience, connect with customers and clients, and a whole bunch of other tips on how to make social media work for your business is just, well, wrong.

It’s bad advice. Empty calories. Clickbait titles designed to help the creator but not you, the business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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  1. This video is insightful. I am newto businiss and have decided to tackle social media on my own. Thankfully my demographic is mostly 35+ so it limits the platforms i need to use. Currently only fbook and instagram. I am excited to try these tips to grow my computer business.

  2. Facebook is the best for my campaign. My target audience is Truck drivers and dispatchers. I got 300 leads form ads on Facebook and now they use my software to manage their semi trucks ????

  3. Why do you put selected text up on the screen when you are talking? Also, you seem to be hyperactive or manic when you speak. Why are your arms flailing around so much?

  4. I’m stuck, I’m a lash artist and I wanna gain more clientele. I can’t create the content bc I don’t know what my clients miracle and miseries are. Can anyone help. I want 21+ clients so I use Instagram and TikTok .

  5. Thank you for the help Adam! Getting more people to see our mental health mobile game has been so hard with all the changes, so this was super helpful as we re-approach our strategy!

  6. Honestly this was just what I was looking for to understand which platform to market my services but just a 13min video solved it I was very stressed watching these other Youtubers in a way that wasn't easy to understand as a beginner. But you my friend taught it in a way even a grade one student would understand. Thank you really appreciate the value your providing.

  7. You have such a candid & professional way of informing marketers of the do's and don'ts of successful marketing that the new and experienced marketer can relate to. Thanks a million for what you do. I truly enjoy your teaching style????????

  8. Luck is 0.0001% Hard work is 100% …. instead of waiting to get lucky, start working hard and get lucky…. Hard work and investing in yourself is the best investment ever. a fellow creator

  9. @Adam Erhart always provides premium marketing strategies on his channel. Thank you for your helpful advice. I have a question for you, as you have experienced on a lot of industries and you see trends. If someone just gets started out and want to target restaurant owners to sell his service, what channel do you think those people hangout? Wonder if LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram?
    Thank you in advance

  10. The social media stages of grief are real. I’m only making reels rn but since the change my reach on reells is like in the hundreds when it was in the thousands . It’s definitely a struggle . Trying to study the trends more but really just trying to push more out and learn from the results bc if not o stay in my head way too long and nothing happens

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