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How advertisers are unlocking the potential of kids-themed content on CTV

Jennifer D’Alessandro, head of ad sales and marketing, HappyKids

There’s been a lot of talk in the digital industry about how the proliferation of ad-supported streaming services has unlocked a wide range of new inventory in high-quality, highly targetable environments. But it’s tricky to turn all of that talk into action when advertisers remain wary of how inflation could affect their consumers — not to mention the resources their own businesses may have in the near future. 

As always, advertisers are pressed to optimize media spend and minimize waste while ensuring optimal performance and value. 

There’s less discussion about how streaming content directed toward children and families presents an undervalued opportunity that can deliver against advertisers’ needs. Inventory on streaming kids-themed content is plentiful and growing in scale, and the ways in which buying works in this environment provide the kind of campaign insights advertisers don’t always get from connected TV. 

Kids-themed streaming content is emerging as a new and significant future arena for advertiser competition. As new data shows, it’s not just the young ones with eyes on the screen — when it comes to kids-themed marketing opportunities, parents are watching too. 

Kids-themed media offers more transparency in a brand-safe environment

For marketers, advertising on kids-themed media comes with a particular consideration: COPPA and other regulations and compliance…

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