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How To Sell Yourself | Jack Wagner | TEDxDanielHandHS

What’s the hardest interview question? “Tell me about yourself.” When defining your career plan, you must be able to advertise yourself effectively to others. Let me show you how. Jack Wagner started in business career in 1974 with the IBM Corporation. He held many roles throughout his 34-year tenure at IBM but was always viewed as a business visionary. Jack was an Adjunct Professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology in the Martin Tuchman School of Management from 2008 to 2017. He is taught marketing, business management, international business and career planning/personal development. Jack called upon his years of global business experience to create a classroom environment using real case studies and fostering student involvement including a new class he created for seniors to prepare them for the world of business. He created a partnership between IBM and NJIT to integrate digital technologies into classes and certify students on their skills. He has extended his involvement…

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