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How to deliver a Freebie with Flodesk | Workflow Setup, Email Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Flodesk is my secret to building a sustainable email marketing strategy for my small business. It is the number 1 way for me to connect with my audience AND how I’ve been able to sell my digital products and courses successfully.

This is the fifth video of a Flodesk series, teaching you how to start your email marketing strategy and grow your audience for your small business. In this fifth episode, we are learning how to deliver a Freebie or lead magnet to your audience that signs up for your Flodesk newsletter. An easy and quick step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the workflow on Flodesk.

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Flodesk & Showit Series:
Episode 1 Flodesk Account & Brand Setup: https://youtu.be/BIFcuP5BCJk
Episode 2 Build a Flodesk Landing page: https://youtu.be/yh0CLTpVm78
Episode 3: How to Create a Flodesk Newsletter Popup Form on Your Showit Website: https://youtu.be/RPm441AC1H0
Episode 4: How to embed a Flodesk Opt-in inline form into Showit :https://youtu.be/LbCfJiTuWs0
Episode 5: How to Deliver a Freebie with Flodesk: https://youtu.be/qJuqxbGVTT8

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