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Empowering Youth – One Step at A Time | Naman Vankdari | TEDxAnuragU

Youngsters are impacting the world through the wisdom they gain, and the power of these young minds, underpinned by us, can lead the masses and drive the world to a better future. There are certain properties that need improvement, such as Discipline, maturity, and thriving to acquire knowledge, strength, and potency. These can be useful in our lives both personally and professionally. The society Character and credibility depend more on surface brilliance than inner brilliance, and you need to keep dreaming, never give up, and achieve your goals despite social criticism. Naman is a renowned public speaker and a practicing advocate. He has served as the Advisory Board member of National Services Scheme (Bangalore University unit); Assistant Professor of Law (Guest Faculty) BMS College of Law, Bengaluru and President of University Law College & Department of Studies in Law Bangalore University Model United Nations Conference, among others.

Naman’s expertise in the field has earned…

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