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What is AMP for Email? And what can you do with it? (2023)

Oh yeah, it’s something interactive in your inbox. It is fun and exciting and it’s called: AMP for email. But what is AMP for Email? How do we use AMP Email? and what can it do? Read on partner..

What is AMP for Email?

AMP for email is a framework to add interactivity inside email emails  messages. This dynamic email format provides a subset of AMPHMTL (Accelerated Mobile Pages). With AMP for email your email shows app-like behavior, we are only used to sesing on dynamic websites.

The core AMP for email breaks functionality breaks down into three categories:
1. Offer a rich inbox experience,
2. Allow complete actions and form submits from inside the email and
3. Serve dynamic and real-time updated content in your emails.

1. Offer a richer inbox experience with AMP for email

AMP email is less constrained than traditional email, allowing senders to create a rich user experience. You can for instance add image carousels to your email, use tabs and accordions show and expand on content and offer multipage content without leaving the inbox.

This is thanks to the Interactive components and AMP’s layout options, if AMP is not supported by the inbox provider, there is a graceful fallback to the normal HTML email.

Here is an example of a dropdown that changes the products shown:

2. Complete actions from inside the email

AMP for Email makes it possible to complete simple actions (like booking a…

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By: Jordie van Rijn


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