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The 11 Best Text Marketing Platforms for Businesses in 2023

Text message marketing is an easy and effective communication channel for marketers. It’s affordable, convenient, and simple.

There are dozens of platforms with varying features and capabilities. And choosing the right one can be tricky.

We’ll review the 11 best SMS marketing software to help you decide. But first, let’s find out what to look for in an SMS marketing service.

Platform Top Features Pricing
TextMagic Wide coverage
Unlimited sub-accounts
Text to Speech
USA: $0.04
UK: $0.068
Canada: $0.04
Netherlands: $0.1
Full pricing here
SimpleTexting Unlimited SMS-enabled numbers for team members
306 characters per text
90 integrations
Tiny Link
Starts at $29/month for 500 SMS messages
EZ Texting Native Shutterstock integration
Automated photo suggestions
Unique QR codes for campaigns
Starts at $25/month for 500 SMS messages
SlickText Popups, social opt-in links, checkout forms
Behavioral segmentation
Mobile friendly opt-in forms
Unique promo codes
Starts at $29/month for 500 SMS messages
MailUp Detailed receipts
10 SMS converge in 1 message
Drag & drop editor 
Mobile-optimized landing pages
Starts at $68,86/month for 1K text messages
Octane AI Ads management
Shoppable quizzes
Opt-in tools
Win-back campaigns
Starts at $50/month for unlimited engagements if your annual revenue is below $1M
Omnisend Google Customer Match
Custom pre-built workflows
A/B split testing
Dynamic content blocks
Starts at $59/month for 250 contacts
Klaviyo AI-powered SMS Assistant
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By: Mostafa Dastras


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