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Sign up page strategies proven to increase your email audience

The true measure of a website isn’t how flashy it looks. When you’re trying to build an email list, success comes down to one thing: how well can you turn web visitors into subscribers?

New sign ups to your newsletter are called conversions. They’ll be your true goal here. And when it comes down to it, the most potent tool for converting viewers into email subscribers is your sign up page.

If someone finds you on social media, for example, they may eventually land on your sign up page. If someone finds one of your posts through Google or Bing, they should eventually find your sign up page. 

Your sign up page is the point of decision where a new potential subscriber becomes a real subscriber. So make it count.

If you want a great signup page, you’ll have to stick to certain principles to ensure success. How do you turn your website from a traffic-gathering source to a bona fide email marketing machine? Let’s explore the key elements everyone should include.

What every sign up page needs

Also known as a landing page, your sign up page is as important to your email marketing as a landing strip is to an airport. It’s where the most critical steps happen. But what does a good sign up page look like in practice?

Here’s an example: fitness coach Alycia, a Zoomba instructor, was using a standard Facebook signup form to drive subscribers to her emails. But it wasn’t quite the draw she’d hoped it would be.

So Alycia sat down and created an…

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By: Kaleigh Moore

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