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Omnichannel Marketing Strategy for Beginners: What You Need to Know

If you’ve heard the phrase “omnichannel marketing” and wondered what it means, take some time to watch this video. Jess from the WebFX Marketing team explains the basics of an omnichannel strategy and why so many marketers love this approach.

Omnichannel marketing uses multiple online channels to reach your audience, and each channel you use creates a different but related experience aimed at moving people towards a specific goal.

Channels include your website, email marketing, social media platforms, advertising, and more.

You may hear omnichannel and multi-channel marketing used interchangeably, but these two strategies are slightly different.

Both types of marketing use a number of different channels to reach your audience. However, where omnichannel creates unique-but-connected experiences on each channel, multi-channel marketing shares the same message in different locations. Jess explains more in the video.

One major benefit of an omnichannel marketing strategy is…

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