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My #1 Favorite Marketing Strategy (PROVEN & PROFITABLE)

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When it comes to marketing there are a ton of different strategies that you can use to grow a business.

Too many actually.

From SEO to PPC to social media to paid online advertising like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Youtube ads, TikTok ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest ads, Google ads, and the list goes on and one.

That’s why today I want to share with you my #1 favorite type of marketing and the step-by-step actionable steps that you can take to apply this right now.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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  1. I find it so strange that collleges don’t make Adobe Premiere and After effects a NECESSITY for marketing majors.
    Here i am fully graduated, signing up for adobe courses smh ????
    All complaints aside, You’re videos are amazing. Literally re sparking that interest i once had for marketing ????

  2. Adam I Really Want To Learn Marketing. But I Dont Know Anything It. I Only Sales Skill & I Have My Own Digital Marketing But I Only Know Basic Of it Because I Just Do Sales & Outsource All Clients work I am alone runing it. So how can i be a marketing expert from knowing nothing about it please help me from where should i start my marketing career or marketing is not for me! & Today I Thought To start a yt channel & make marketing content by google can i do that! My age is 18 have time but dont know where to start i just know sales but not amything aboyt marketing and really want to be a great marketer like you, garyvee, grantcardonn but dont know how to start help me!

  3. content marketing is also known as inbound marketing, different to outbound ads, it has higher conversion and lower cost since it focuses on building trust and bonds with consumers at its core, but its limitation lies in high volume amount of time required to deliver quality content which would put off most marketers, in a nutshell, it is efficient and demending.

  4. I hope you're healing well, Adam! I voted for you, so I will have my marketing class vote as well:) I need to wear my Mickey Mouse watch in class one day! Another great video, thanks!

  5. it's excellent and we see that you do what you preach. Is it possible to make a small video with the behind the scenes? Do you script the videos? Do you use a prompter? What prompter do you use? What editing software do you use? Where do you shoot your videos that are really good? You deserve to be the marketer of the year. I really like your videos.

  6. Nice content Adam… I watched till the end seriously you inspire me… After losing my draft of content on ig… I felt lazy and demotivated to create again but because of this video I'm going back to the table.

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