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IN-DEMAND Freelance Writing Niches for 2022 | the writing niches you need to know RIGHT now!

These are the most in-demand freelance writing niches to help a brand new freelance writer win some freelance writing jobs. These writing niches cover specific industries to help you figure out if this is the niche for you. I cover the job market and the rates for beginners and pro freelance writers.

If you are new to freelance writing, understanding the different writing niches can help you save time and land writing gigs quickly. Whether you enjoy copywriting, financial writing, health writing or travel writing, finding the right freelance writing niche is important.

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  1. Hi Elna! Thank you for the helpful video. I've been marketing myself as a "Beauty and Health & Wellness Writer" without much response in cold pitch emails or LinkedIn messages. Would you recommend just choosing one of those? I'd lean more toward Health & Wellness but wonder if that's too broad and if Alternative Health Writer would get more leads? Thank you!

  2. There are so many niches and writing styles. How do I choose just one and market myself as a niche writer? I don't want to limit myself.

  3. I was ecstatic to hear your first niche on your list for 2022. I an focusing on content writing for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare market. I've been having difficulty finding resources (people and companies) on LinkedIn and was starting to think I had chosen the wrong niche. Your vid gave me hope :-). Also signed up for your SEO course. A fruitful day. Thanks ????

  4. I’m in health and fitness industry, and I studied Creative writing at college. I’ve written a few blog posts on my site, but not very good. How can new freelancers learn to write good content?

  5. You are a wonderful instructor, Elna. All of your courses along with your free videos is invaluable. I had so much fun with your SEO course. After learning SEO from you, I was easily able to do it. I am entering alternative health and another I am considering.

  6. Hey Elna, brilliant video, thank you so much!

    New copywriter here, I sort’ve stumbled into the b2b SaaS niche by landing a job at an agency. I’m basically churning out blog posts every day for a small return (£30 per 1500 words after tax). These posts take about 4 hours with research and back links etc, making it around £7.50 per hour!

    Just wondering, where do I go from here?
    How do I cut out the middle man? Is this a good niche? I just feel like I’m writing so much but it’s not enough pay in return.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait for your next video ???? subscribed!

  7. Hello Mam, I started blogging 20 days ago on Finance niche… I could upload only one blog on it due to illness… Now should I resume blogging on that website or start a new one .. please guide….

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