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Cold Email Marketing – a ?$2,435.17 Strategy?- (Cold EMAIL Marketing Tutorial For Beginners)

In this video, you’ll learn cold email marketing and I’ll teach you in a way that if you’ve been searching for a video on cold email marketing for beginners you’d agree that this video here on the daniels hustle channel is what you’d need to get a hang of cold email marketing.

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Knowing cold email marketing is something you’d need in order to make a lot of money because people that know even cold email marketing for beginners make a killing from doing just cold email marketing so just sit back and learn as I walk you through what to do, step…

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  1. Bro I like your videos really but you definitely need to start talking less. Start the video and go straight to the point cause all the others things you say doesn't interest those who watch

  2. Great content Dan! Your new subscriber! Please how can I generate email list or phone numbers for those interested in buying Solar energy for their homes or office

  3. Cold email marketing rocks! Especially if you know how to do it just like Daniel does it. Great job! Just want to add something. Others may not have done this before, but one of the ways to generate leads is to go on LinkedIn and find prospects then use a data enrichment tool called Data Append to generate the email address of your prospect. The downside of LinkedIn is that it has a feature where users can hide their email address, and that's a huge roadblock for lead generators or businesses doing cold email campaigns. That is why you need a third party tool to unlock those email addresses.

  4. Mr. Daniel Umeh you are such an inspiration. Please can you help me do the typing proper here because I am not getting it right when I types as directed on my google browser

  5. This video is very rich but I'm a little bid confused, I'm a beginner, after going through all this prose's of getting the gmail/Hotmail then sending them, I wan to know if does mails you send belong to the company you are promoting there product or of the costumers you want them to buy from the particular companies.
    My second question here is how will this companies know actually you are the one that link this costumers to them and how will you know that the company have paid you after selling to this costumers you link them to?

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