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Can You Make It Without Faking It? | Yael Geffen | TEDxGreshamPlace

There is a growing phenomenon about how one should “fake it till you make” but Yael Geffen argues that there is a fine line between that and lacking authenticity. She then shares her thoughts around how one can effectively self-promote without making yourself and others cringe Yael Geffen is the CEO and shareholder of Sotheby’s International Realty, South Africa. She grew up in a real estate dynasty established by her grandmother, Aida, and, prior to joining the family business in 2009, she acquired extensive real estate marketing, brand building and business development experience in the United States.

Yael is also an accomplished public and motivational speaker and her broadcast experience includes hosting and producing her own radio show from 2013 to 2017. Yael is a sought after Life and Business Strategy Advisor and is the 2020 winner of Standard Bank’s prestigious Top Woman in Property Award.

Yael is a mental health advocate and has been chosen to represent South Africa…

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