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Why trusting your gut can be a mistake | Tracy Spears | TEDxDeerParkWomen

We have inherited a social structure that inhibits our active thinking process. When our gut is telling us one thing based on the social construct of our past experience or environment, this confirmation bias, or group think diminishes our agency and contribution. Tracy is an Internationally sought-after keynote speaker, advocate, and host of the podcast “Shift Out Loud”. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Founder of the Exceptional Leaders Lab. Her organization specializes in developing leaders, inspiring teamwork, and creating inclusive cultures. Her best-selling books, What Exceptional Leaders Know, and The Exceptional Leaders Playbook provide much of the content in the workshops she teaches globally. Tracy’s energetic and interactive approach has helped leaders and aspiring leaders all over the world improve their leadership skills, their communication, and their understanding of how people and organizations succeed. Much of Tracy’s work centers…

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