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"WE'RE HYDRATING THE GLOBE" – Building The Brand | S8:E20

We’re back legends! This episode is going to be EPIC and we are stoked to bring you along for the ride.

We start out this episode with an EPIC tasting with our flavor Scientists Wilke and Dave who go over some new flavors and possible new products… ooooooo ???? look out!
Dan returns back from Germany bearing gifts for HQ and we reveal that the long awaited and talked about GHOST Hydration product will be available globally upon launch on Wednesday, March 9th! Stay plugged ????

Finally, as we all should know, Monday is National Cereal Day and yeah you know it’s a big deal around here! We announce our promo for the protein RTD’s as the boys sit down for a #Legendbowl
What’s your favorite legend bowl!??

Comment below and let us know what else you want to see.




Drone Footage:

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  1. WARNING!!! Horrible Customer Service and no refund on my missing items!! Do not buy from them!! I asked for evidence of delivery and they have no evidence of delivery because it was never received or delivered!! I requested a refund multiple times and now have no product for my purchase. This was horrible customer service and I have never had any issues with a delivery in the last 3 years at this address. They product really is a GHOST

  2. Hyped for everything that's coming this year. I've been waiting the RTDs here in the UK since they dropped. The cereal milk flavour would be perfect to have with my cereal at work.I hope they'll be dropping worldwide by late 22/23. Excited for the hydration breakdown video next week. I'm intrested to know how many times a day should you take it.

  3. Yo… did I hear Ghost Henny?!? ???? I’m too hyped! Lot of info in this episode & I LOVE IT! Big ups on BOTD!! Well deserved ???????????????? Let’s see what else we got in store for 2022. LFG Legends! ????

  4. Opening with Yellowcard, I knew this video had to be fire! Then you open with 90s throwback/collab flavor with Gamer, Non-Stim Gamer, Pump, and Monstars mentioned all sub 180 seconds into the video? NAILED IT. April Fools Gamer flavors? Pizza (Rolls?), Doritos, Mountain Dew, Surge, Scooby Fruit Snacks, Shark Bite Fruit Snacks, Gushers, Fruit Roll Ups/Fruit By the Foot, Fruit Barrel Juice, Push Up Flintstone Ice Cream, Ninja Turtle Ice Cream pops…. I was a 90s/early 2000s gamer kid if you couldn't tell. Hydration! Lemon Crush let's go!

  5. Butter ????!!!!!
    I'd probably stack the hydration with the amino, but I'd wait for new flavors.
    Either Ocean Water, Cherry limeade, or Welch's grape.
    Cool behind the scenes video!

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