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The 7 Universal Currencies | Moses B. Arthur | TEDxSpintex

Defining life with the 7 universal currencies can make our lives easier. When we utilize this in an equal ratio, we would appreciate what life offers. Moses B. Arthur is a young, daring African totally out of his comfort zone, living his epic vision for Africa. As a visionary, he is one of Africa’s finest serial entrepreneurs and authors. He is the President & Chief Executive of Lush Group LLC. This diversified and fully integrated conglomerate started business in 2017 as a Private Limited Liability Company specializing in social media management, digital advertising, e-marketing, and human capital development via its flagship conference: Entrepreneurship Hub.
Since then, it has rapidly developed into a fully-fledged, diversified business with a stake in many business sectors, including agribusiness, real estate, new media technologies, bouquet media services
The Group’s interests span this range of sectors across Ghana and Nigeria through its companies: City Broadcast Limited,…

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