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Telling our story as an act of revolution | Jishnu Bandyopadhyay | TEDxMithibaiCollege

Jishnu, a visual artist, tells an intriguing story. One where through their journey of self-discovery comes the realization of the existence of one thread that holds us together: a story. As Jishnu finds themself empowered with the privilege to practice art, they wonder where the narratives told through creations become one-sided and alienating. Within famous pieces of work by Banksy, Sher-Gil, and Ghosh, they find the political and the personal bleeding into each other. Jishnu talks about the value of having trust in our unique voices, in our inherent power to weave a better tomorrow. A visual artist, designer, writer, and activist from India.
Designer of a mental health journal series and content creator for Instagram, Times of India, Gaysi Family, Disney, Star TV Network, UNICEF, and much more!
They create art for an impact.
Their work is born from the desire to create a world that is more inclusive This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but…

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  1. this was fantastic! the math teacher from the beginning was awful truly. the education system tries its best to trample over the creative minds of the young. but art will never die.

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