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Teen Scenes | Tasneem Dohadwalla | TEDxYouth@MBISMalad

In this talk, Ms. Tasneem shares about the challenges faced by teenagers today and a toolkit on how to successfully navigate through them Tasneem Dohadwalla is a recipient of various awards for teaching and learning. She is passionate about international education, with inquiry as a stance for teaching and learning, and always strives to stay innately curious about the world around
She has over 16 +years’ work experience in the education vertical , a teacher trainer, an author and a poet .
She truly believes in the maxim that “to teach is to learn twice” and thus strives to make each day memorable and engaging for her students , applying different strategies that enhances thinking , social and self management skills.
She is a community service ambassador and has initiated and facilitated various kindness initiatives like station wall painting , tree plantation , kindness walks , school painting and helping young cancer patients . This talk was given at a TEDx event using…

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