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Taking science beyond the academic walls | Suchitha Champak | TEDxVITPune

Exploring science did not require a degree or technical training in the past. Inquisitive minds asked curious questions and sought answers through experiences and experimentation. As societies evolved, we were programmed to think that science was confined to scholars. A mental model was established promoting the exclusivity of science and its restricted nature, thereby causing science and societies to grow apart. Science communicators like Suchitha Champak are challenging this very mindset of society to bring science back to the masses.

Suchitha, with curiously fun examples, demonstrates how discussing science is easy and not just a thing for the intellectuals. She interacts with the audience and discusses how mental models portraying “science is difficult” have gripped society. Further, Suchitha also explores the root causes which brought about this transformation. She elaborates on various aspects of the increasing gap between science and society, ranging from ignorance on the…

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