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'RAISING THE STANDARDS' – Building The Marchon Brand | E3:S1

Episode 3 is here!

A big to everyone that’s taken the time to watch the first 2 episodes and left such positive comments.

It’s been a big couple of weeks since opening the new gym but it’s been everything we had hoped for and more.

So, with Stratford now open, myself and the team can now bring some focus back to our online platform and the eagerly anticipated MARCHON App. It has been over 18 months in the making and it’s something that we are incredibly excited to launch. After lots of back and fourth with the developers as well as huge investment, we are confident to be delivering a best in class app that really sets us apart from the crowd.

It has also been great to get back involved with The PFCA and support them in our latest Seminar. The mission to be the UK’s leader in fitness education is well underway!




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  1. Really fantastic episode Ollie and Team. Super excited for the app to see how that transforms the online experience and a great insight into the PFCA ????????

  2. Fair play mate creating a truly great fitness app. The best one I’ve used is Strong, which is paid for to get the desirable features. But there are so many average ones out there. I’m sure yours will be top tier.

    Amazing you have brought out supplements, an app and a world class gym in less than a year. Phenomenal.

    Also – I’m a St Albans / Verulam lad and kicked the St George’s rugby team back in my day (I think I was 2-3 school years ahead of you)

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