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Personal Branding for Realtors in 2022 – THE ROADMAP TO LOCAL CELEBRITY STATUS

If you want to know about real estate agent branding and how to become a LOCAL CELEBRITY just by being your authentic self, this will give you the roadmap. Kevin Irwin shares how he leveraged Personal Branding for Realtors in order to become a top producing real estate agent in his first year, and has since become top of mind in his local market.

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0:00 – Intro
2:18 – Why Personal Branding?
4:48 – How to Identify Your Personal Brand
9:05 – How to SCALE Your Personal Brand Through Video
13:47 – How to Establish Authority & Credibility with your Real Estate Brand
18:19 – How to START Creating Your Personal Brand TODAY
21:29 – How to Incorporate Your Brand Into Your Content
25:23 – The Reality of Starting a Traditional Real Estate Team
28:33 – Why Kevin Left…

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  1. Excellent video. I have spend hours and hours studying branding and how to create my own brand but is wasn't until I learned that something as simple as being the "Jeep" agent can be so powerful. I mostly loved how he was the Jeep agent before he had the Jeep 🙂 Build it and they will come. Great job guys and much success to you both.

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