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Management Lessons from the Animal Kingdom | Sri. Mrunal Bankapur | TEDxGundiCircle

Good Leaders inspire and determine a company’s overarching vision, are you lacking in leadership skills and management skills or willing to learn those skills? It would be a visual treat for you because you are going to learn those skills from animals. Sri. Mrunal Bankapur believes in building businesses that add value to people’s lives. He was bestowed with the award for Excellence in Textiles and Clothing in 2021 from Mr. Sunil Shetty. He joined his family business at the age of 20 as a 4th generation heir to the heritage brand B.S Channabasappa & Sons widely known as BSC who are into the textile & retail industry since 1938. After 4 years of involving himself in the family business, in 2022 Mrunal was promoted to the role of a director in BSC Group. He along with his brothers has been an integral part in the growth & expansion of their company and has recently opened the largest textile malls in Karnataka, Maharashtra & Goa and also their new location in Belagavi. This talk…

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  1. Brilliant! Proud of you my dear. Biggest Guru Dakshina for your Principal. When we begin to learn from our students, we are reminded that teaching is such a wonderful profession. Thanks for being who you are and a wonderful human being who is so well grounded. Hats off to you!
    Will look forward to many more.

  2. Namskara ????????

    Firstly, thank you for the opportunity TedxGundi circle (Dean Manjunath sir, Wilson sir, Rakhi ma’am)

    Giving a talk at Ted is a dream of many and was on my bucket list as well. I’m glad I got the opportunity sooner than I expected it.

    Hoping this idea helps the viewers and adds value to them ????

    As for me, I’m happy to see myself up here but would definitely want to give better and more refined talks in the coming years.

    Thank you all ????????????

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