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Living in the Age of Thought Leadership. | Peter Winick | TEDxSantaBarbaraSalon

Why individuals, teams, and organizations should embrace the power of thought leadership.

In this session, we explore why thought leadership benefits individuals, teams, and organizations incredibly. We will also discuss some of the “how to’s of thought leadership,” such as:

How to get started?
How to stand out?
How to create, curate and deploy high-quality thought leadership consistently.

The importance of embracing a wide range of modalities. For the past two decades, he has helped individuals and organizations build and grow revenue streams by designing and growing their thought leadership platforms and acting as a guide and advisor for increasing business-to-business sales of thought leadership products.

His clients come from a diverse set of backgrounds and specialties. They include New York Times bestselling business book authors, members of the Speakers’ Hall of Fame, recipients of the Thinkers50 award, CEOs of public and privately held companies, and academics…

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