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Leading With Beautiful Questions

Many years ago, we got inspired by Warren Berger’s book, “A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas.” The basic premise of the book and the post we wrote at the time was that leaders simply don’t ask enough questions when they bump up against uncertainty.

Since then, two things have happened. Mr. Berger wrote another book tying the art of inquiry to generating breakthrough ideas (which we all need today), and the world has started to get wobbly. Every leader we work with and talk to is grappling with the issue of how to drive growth in uncertain times. And they’re also looking for ways to unlock new and different thinking on their teams for how to grow. This creates the occasion for us to update our own thinking on the value of asking questions—beautiful questions—to choose the way forward.

Uncertainty can feel familiar

Say that you and some friends are backpacking through a place you’ve never visited before. The call you took from the trailhead drained your phone’s battery and your navigation app is useless (doh!). Your destination is a campsite next to a breathtaking alpine lake that is a jewel of the mountain range and a like-amplifier on your Instagram feed. When you come to a place where the trail forks, with no signs marking the way, one of your hiking companions (who has years more experience in the outdoors than anyone else), declares, “it has to be this way.” 

Who hasn’t been here before?

Either on a…

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By: Tracy Lloyd


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