Thursday, June 1, 2023
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It's Branding Season! Get Short Ep. 6

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Branding season has begun! We go to our first branding and doctor our first yearlings for the season! Next week the 3;10 Girls rope at their first branding of the season! As always thanks for watching!

Head over to to check out all the ropes were using in the video!
Dalton’s Rope:

John’s Rope:

Cody’s Rope:

Daniel’s Rope (Guy in the Thumbnail):
00:00 Intro
01:29 What the day holds
02:09 It’s…

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  1. Dang, helping work all those cattle and a feller cant even get a sammich for dinner? Gotta break out the pb and crackers. Tell you what…..???? good work guys

  2. I love those POV videos from your hat. Makes me feel like I'm there! Thanks!

    Just a thought- why not do a "what's in your bag?" and sporadically show people what the different hands are carrying in their saddle bags?

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