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Innovate Your Career Journey with the 4 P’s | Daniel Adeyanju | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

Daniel Adeyanju, a founder of Kura Labs and former software engineer, shares his own “4 P’s”—a carefully curated set of factors that will aid in every burgeoning professional’s path to career success. In his current role, Daniel connects young people in underserved communities to careers in the tech world, guiding them and providing them with opportunities to pursue a career in innovation. Daniel’s 4 P’s, as mentioned, are as follows: people, projects, problem-solving, and packaging. Mastering the ins and outs of each of these areas is the key to pursuing an innovative journey of success in one’s field of interest. In this talk, Daniel explores his own career hurdles and what he learned from them, as well as what makes him passionate about his job today—namely, helping others who are in the position he once found himself in. Daniel, a class of ’14 Binghamton University alum, is The Inclusive Innovator. He is passionate about creating pathways to economic…

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