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How Vulnerability Changed My Life | Niraj Kapur | TEDxNewtownabbey

Niraj takes us on the unexpected journey of his divorce, the struggles of online dating and the joy of falling in love again – and what impact this had on his business. After 23 years working in the corporate world, Niraj wanted to raise the standards of sales, so he wrote Everybody Works in Sales became an international bestselling book.

He’s delivered LinkedIn Training and Sales Coaching to over 400 small business and solopreneurs including corporates like Barclays. Natwest, Sainsbury’s and Google. Skills people have benefited from are: prospecting, role plays, mentoring, LinkedIn content writing, profile optimisation, overcoming objections, email writing, sales language and listening skills.

Niraj was announced as a Top 30 Sales Influencer in the World to Follow by Salesforce in 2021 and 2022.

LinkedIn awarded him a Top 10 Linkedin Voice in Sales To Follow in 2022.

In his free time, Niraj plays drums, supports local food markets and raises money for charities like…

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