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HOW TO START your jewelry making business in 6 steps!

How to start your craft and jewelry making business? How to create your logo, branding, packaging and social media?
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Today I will tell you all about how I started my small business! 6 necessary steps to start your small brand! Things you need to know before you start selling your craft and handmade items or when you want to refine your already existing business. How to start and manage social media for your handmade items? How to create packaging and branding? How to make your logo?

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  1. Part 2 of the "How I Started" video! Today I will share how I created my Stardust Mine brand and which steps are essential in starting your own small business. I hope this video helps you!
    00:00 Intro
    00:07 1. BRAINSTORMING stage. Create your brand
    02:13 2. BRANDING. Give your business a look
    04:36 3. WHERE & HOW: Tailor Brands
    06:12 4. SOCIAL MEDIA. Let your customers find you
    08:05 5. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY. How to post
    09:35 6. PACKAGING. Create your stationery

  2. OMG! How to suck the sunshine out of your life! Huh Lady? ????????????✝️???? I agree. But the Public Relations, Ads, Social Media Connections could all be outsourced. For tour own sanity? And NEVER read the comment sections. Definitely let a professional team handle those! Everything written today can show up in a court room as evidence. I love your tenacity! We should have seminars on you! ????????????????????

  3. Im wanting to start a book but im wanting something to go along side that. Like making bookmarks (thinking leather or wire) and jewelry to go along with it.. this is really motivating me to try it

  4. Thanks for the vid! Also loved the cutting style and the switching locations. Well done Basia ????????.

    So hard to get the business running. Jewelry making itself takes so much time and I feel I get kind of lost by all the things you have to do ????. How long would you say did it take you from learning silversmithing to get a solid money incoming?

  5. It's funny because I thought colors and photos wouldn't be a problem for me because I'm a photographer. But portrait photography and product photography is something different! 😀 Thanks for your videos, I love them!

  6. Thank you so much for the info, it was super useful! I would like to know more about decision-making, I already did most of the branding, and I have an Etsy store where I put some copper products! I'm ready to step up and start working with silver but I'm afraid to spend money on making pieces that I'm not sure if they are going to sell…

  7. Thank you so much for all of the great tips! I particularly loved the tips regarding social media. I'm really shy and haven't been brave enough to put myself out there yet. Your tips gave me some guidance and make me feel more confident with moving forward. I am excited to checkout Tailor Brands too! ????

  8. It’s been an inspiration for me (your videos), I took silversmith courses, made jewellery and got stuck with marketing issues and stoped for some time ☺???? Can you give me some ideas how to make videos and what programs to use to make videos interesting to watch too? ????

  9. Hi Basia, could you recommend a good place to source branded packaging? I've been following you for a year now and you've been so helpful and inspirational on starting my own jewellery adventure. Thank you so much for all the lovely content you give us ????

  10. Thank you for this video. I needed that. It's now 1 am, but tomorrow I will opening accounts. I have tons of jewelry that I can sell. But I never do. So it made me have the courage to start… thanks for your tips…

  11. I am at the stage where I try to make it without taking orders and commissions that are not relevant to my personal style and offer ready made pieces that I can be proud of. But my marketing strategies are clearly not working.
    Good job on this video, I enjoyed it a lot)))

  12. As always Basia, you’re so generous with tips and friendly advice. I love your silly sense of humour that comes across, so sweet ???? I’m excited about this video, it’s so informative and I can’t wait to start checking out all the videos you mentioned and get searching for ideas. I appreciate you so much ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  13. Hiya Lady Stardust, another wonderful video, full of fun and caprice, like you. I've just started being in contact with a local young man who knows how to do all this. I'm lost with social media and need all the help I can get so decided to take some advice and use a personal recommendation for someone who has proven themself, and sees where it goes. If I have problems I'll take your advice and try Tailor Brands. Thank you for the recommendation it's hard when you know nothing.
    Stay safe, Steve…

  14. I am soon to retire and have been holding off any grand opening until the pandemic is over and I am retired, so that i can focus 100% on the business. I am glad that I have because I am finding I still have things to do.I do not have to rush into things….

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