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How to rule the metaverse | Mariette van Huijstee | TEDxHaarlem

From being immersed in medieval history to swimming with virtual dolphins and online dating for bedridden people – technology gives us many opportunities. But it can be extremely harmful as well – from online bullying to disinformation to losing all sense of togetherness. And while regulators across the globe are fixing the wrongs in the current Internet, Big Tech is building the metaverse. How can we make sure the metaverse will enrich our lives? Mariëtte van Huijstee, PhD. thinks and speaks about corporate social responsibility and the impact of technology on public life. She works as a Coordinator at the Dutch Technology Assessment Institute, the Rathenau Instituut, where she leads a team of researchers studying and debating Responsible Technology. Dr. van Huijstee holds a PhD. in corporate social responsibility from the Copernicus Institute on Sustainable Development and Innovation. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently…

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