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How I Turned My Love For Photography Into A $177K Business | On The Side

Grace Torres is a 23-year-old Florida-based wedding photographer. She kept a part-time job with a non-profit before taking the leap to full-time in 2021. Grace juggled college courses and an internship while building her photography business.

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How I Turned My Love For Photography Into A $177K…

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  1. Where i live… Photographer isnt that popular. People dont talk about it as much or consider it as a full time income job. But i still wish to take up photography. There is just something beautiful and sentimenal about it.

  2. Absolutely Amazing ???? ???? ❤ Thanks for sharing ???? ???? ???? Photography is my passion to and I'm learning about it and your story though me a lot. I usually take photos of Nature, food, landscapes and others. Best of luck in your Photography business!

  3. Gosh, I miss these early years. If you're just starting out – cherish this excitement about possibility and creation, don't lose that. After years of the grind it can slip away if you're not careful ????

  4. my goal for this year make some money of photography. I have being taking photos for 10 years now, seeing other photographers making it full time career, it give me motivation to keep taking photos and some day I will make it my full time career.

  5. Not to discredit Grace's photography skills, but she is successful at 23 as a photographer because of her soft skills — aka her people skills (which is arguably the most important part of photography!) . She's clearly very articulate, bright, and extroverted. As someone who also did photography as a side hustle (I'm a designer) and went to school with photography students, and know so many friends in L.A. who tried to do photography, it is NOT an easy business to get into successfully. Most people I know take 5-10yrs before seeing her kind of cashflow. As an introvert myself, I see a lot of introverted friends go into this hobby thinking they can make a living out of it, but don't realize that in order to really be successful, you have to have major people skills.

    And this isn't to discourage anyone of course. I'm just keeping it real. When I do it as a side hustle, I have to talk to people constantly, make them feel comfortable, and also guide them to posing and getting the shots. I love everything about cameras and photography, and like Grace, I was in love with it from a very young age (12 or 13), but man, kudos to people who do wedding photography and engagement photos, etc. I just stick to street photography and doing it as a hobby now, because I honestly can't stand how extroverted you have to pretend to be to do the job.

    Side note: If you are introverted but still want to make money off of it, you should be an assistant! I did some assistant photography for a main photographer, and although it doesn't pay a lot, it's a legit side hustle. You're essentially there to get backup shots or b-roll footage. There's also some photographers who outsource photo editing.

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