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Case Study: Amazing Branding with Nick Pattison

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In this episode, we take a deep dive into one of New York-based designer Nick Pattison’s branding project case studies. Ran had the opportunity to catch up with Nick, who has worked with some of the best designers in the world.

Here’s where you can find Nick and his work:
Nick’s Studio:
Stellar’s Website:

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  1. I really appreciate this breakdown of the branding process, especially from someone like Nick Pattison. I need to incorporate some of these processes into my business so the client can see what's truly involved, how we got there, which will help them respect it more.

  2. 7:36 regards personality to a brand. You have to have the capability to read the personality to make them useful. I have a background in personality analysis, so I will do personality analysis first to determine what personality characteristics I want to highlight. Also, it can be really good for design personas and UX writing. If don't know personally at all, I can't think of a valid reason to put it there, other than to impress the client in a visual way.

    There are a lot of personality systems on the market, designers better pick the one that is easy to learn and easy to implement. Big-5 is one that is good, I use SPEAR, it's complicated but since I have a background it's no problem for me, also I am involved to develop it.

  3. A lot of gold here ???? makes you realize just how much thought and strategy goes into one of these projects. This is the kind of process that justifies charging tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars ????

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