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Building Blocks: Architecture, Branching, and Contributions

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In this episode, Figma Designer Advocate Chad Bergman and Product Manager Jacob Miller will dive into the architecting a healthy culture of collaboration, branching best practices, and the nuances of contribution!

Find the slides in the community here:

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Recap
1:48 Contribution process
3:14 Setting boundaries
6:22 Snowflakes
8:27 In your Design system
9:51 Empowering your team to contribute
12:10 Branching
14:53 Contributing via branch
19:04 Other ways of contributing
20:09 Contributing via detach method
24:26 Architecture
24:51 Design systems contribution template
27:01 Using test…

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  1. Great stuff guys! I greatly appreciate your videos. My only question is, do you approach the contribution on an atomic level? How do you work on a request when a feature designer has a project in which they need to create a new component and enhance / update, maybe, 3 more. Do you approach this as all separate requests (or proposals)? If so, how can you make this more "designer friendly"? Or do you measure the amount of work (or cost) all the changes will have together? Hope my question makes sense! haha. Thanks

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